What Happen If My Package Get Seized.

We have 13 years plus of shipping experience when it comes to cocaine and research chemical delivery worldwide. And we know exactly how the process works. We make sure all our customers’ information remains our top priority with no third party involved.

Where Do I Get My Package Once Shipment Is Done

We send packages with next day overnight drop off delivery at your secure delivery address with no signature required. Once we send a package delivery will be done right at your doorstep or PO. Box Address.

Once delivery is done we are going to text or send you an email to pick up your package at your mailbox or doorstep address.

What Happen If I Do Not Receive My Package

We have a very great refund and return package policy that will amaze you.

  1. If you do not receive your package we do full refund or return of package this process works just for all clients that truly lost their packages at the process of delivery.
  2. We can also follow up to make sure a new package is sent to you 5 days after confirmation of your lost package by the delivery company and provide you with a new tracking number.
  3. We also allow you to pay just for your return delivery fee and product will be sent free of charge with no extra charges levied to our customer’s
How Do I Place An Order.

This is how you place an order, Once you visit our website look at what you want, once you see what you are looking for, add that to the cart. Once you add that to cart, you can find cart at the top right hand bar click on cart and that will take you straight to checkout.

Once you checkout click and fill your shipping address correctly. And once you are done filling your shipping address correctly choose the shipping method you want if you want express or standard shipping.

Once you do that choose the best payment method that you can use without having any issues. Once you click place order and once we receive your order you wait for our email with payment instructions that usually takes a maximum of 24 Hours and once you make payment we ship your package and get back with a valid tracking number so you can track your package on transit..


Cash on delivery not accepted here. All you have to do is place your order and we are not going to respond to any text, call or email or live chat asking for COD


Where Do I Fine MoneyGram Shop To Send Payment.

Once you place your order just go right on www.google.com and search for this keyword nearest MoneyGram store close to me. And you will find available stores and you can use your google map to locate the nearest shop and make payment in person using cash to pay. Make sure you have cash available for the transaction.

How Does ZellePay Works

With zellpay all you need is just to check quickly on your bank apps if your bank offers this payment method. Once you see that just ask for our email address and zelle names so you can wire us the payment.

But if your bank does not offer zellepay you can go to your App store or Google Play store and download this app. Once you download, open this link and you can learn how to send with Zellepay in just 5 minutes.

Open this link to learn more about Zellepay


Once you are done setting up an account and you are ready to send payment, send us an email or text to ask for our zelle pay email address so you can complete your order and send us screenshots as proof of payment.

Where Can I Send Western Union

Once your order has been placed all you need to do is google search Nearest Western Union Shop or location near me. And you can make payment in person using cash.

If you want to send payment online we are going to recommend MoneyGram Online is fast. And you can just type on google or any web browser you’re using and type www.moneygram.com and you can send money online by following the steps and instructions we are going to give you.

What Informations Do You Need For Shipping.

Below are the information we are going to need from you when you place an order.

1) Names In Full.

2) Direct Home Address Or PO Box Address.

3) State.

4) City.

5) Postal Code Or Zip Code.

6) Working Phone Number To Contact You.

7) Working Email Address To Contact You.

Are You Legit.

Yes, Buy Cocaine Online is a legit online shop to buy cocaine and chemicals online. We have the best quality of cocaine and research chemicals and we ship this to all 50 states and worldwide. Buying cocaine online has been made easy with Buy Pure Cocaine.io. We are the best and most legitimate online coke shop that ships cocaine and related products worldwide.

How Can I Trust This Website.

Buy pure Cocaine has been one of the most trusted Online coke shops over the past years. Considering the large number of fake websites online that are owned by fake vendor’s that take money and do not deliver, our new customers find it difficult to believe that we are not one of them until they receive their packages. We assure you that we are real and legit and you will receive your package without any hassle and you will never regret trusting us with your funds for the very first time.